Tuesday, July 24, 2012

John Paulson Connection to Madoff…

I'm very interested in the story of John Paulson.  The brilliance that he seems to get assigned is completely counter to the vibe he throws me.  Listening to his congressional testimony and the occasional story in the paper he never really struck me as a sharp guy; especially compared to a Soros, Faber, or Jimmy Rogers.
From the Big Short,

"I called Goldman Sachs to ask them about Paulson," said one rich man whom Paulson had solicited for funds in mid-2006.  "They told me he was a third-rate hedge fund guy who didn't know what he was talking about."

Paulson wasn't early shorting housing, in fact it sounds like he was pitched the trade by Steve Eisman just at the right time.  I mean for pets sake Paulson himself bought a 13mil Mansion in Southampton in 2006!

What kind of conviction is that?  Hedged or not.
Strikes me as a guy more interested in putting off an appearance.
So I came across this a couple months back, going through Paulson’s filings and thought it would be a good one to share.
      Notice director Graham H Cook.
      Same guy, Madoff feeder fund. 

Could that be how a hedge fund manager with a mediocre track record and 600M under management in 2004, raised 7x that sum for his housing trade?

Nothing would surprise me these days.


1.       Who is Stuart Mercer?

2.       Does Paulson manage or influence any of the Hartford Funds?  I'm interested due to his large "holding", and the Sino-Forest collapse.  The fact while Paulson was getting out Hartford was getting in, is all to familiar with these guys.....  You didn't really believe the Hartford "spin off" and fucking investment slides were really in you're best interest did you?


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