About Me:


I'm interested in all work opportunities, full time or consulting type arrangement.

Interested in analyst positions with funds focused on the short side, or due diligence positions with funds on the long side. Worldwide. 

Interested in strategy which focuses on identifying fraudulent dealings conducted by Banks, Hedge Funds, and the Structured Finance crowd, and then exploits cheap short term trading opportunities prior to blowing the whistle. 

How I got here:

About 9 months ago I wanted to come with a way to short the municipal bond market with the intention of bringing it to a fund. Through studying housing, structured finance, specific hedge funds, global securities filings, and lawsuits I was getting the trade concept together. The process took much longer than initially thought for I started noticing patterns and similarities in the filings, on a recent as well as historical basis. Unsure what exactly they were, I had a hunch it was all correlated.  After many dead ends eventually I found myself in Macau; and it was then that everything clicked.  It was like one piece of the puzzle forced 30 others into place.

My background is in commodities.  I have no relationship with a hedge fund or bank and thus not bound by any confidentiality or non-compete agreements.  A unique mindset with a passion for global macro, in-depth analysis, and forensic accounting, are positives I bring to the table.

Please contact me if you would like to speak or have any questions for me regarding any of my research.


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